Gina (CEO) and Bella (RIP)

For The Love Of Your Pet, When Help Is Needed!

How Pet It Forward Came About

Pets are family of thousands of households around the world, unfortunately, every day many pet owners have to surrender their pets because they can no longer provide the care they need.

What We Do

Our Foundation helps pets stay in their homes with the owners who love them.

Pet It Forward Foundation recognizes how many pet owners have had to make the heartbreaking decision to either rehome or surrender their beloved pets because of financial hardships.


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For The Love Of Your Pet, When Help Is Needed!

Pet It Forward


Karen Morente Karen Morente

Ms. Gina you have done a great job of alerting and helping in pet location coordination. Your organizational skills are impressive even for one web site yet In notice you follow many. Which is what it takes to really return pets home and place pets in new ones. All the shelters are overwhelmed , particularly around the cold holidays, people are depressed and financially tired. I have noticed that people know your name. Once I was in a neighborhood in response to an owners desperate pleas and you were mentioned by the owner and searchers. Jacksonville is a big town and that's impressive you are an invaluable community asset and save the city time and money. Not to mention happier owners because of you. Thank you for your exemplary community service and dedication. I also heard you have volunteered at the humane society regularity too.
Thanks and good luck in all your pursuits .

Gary and Heather Chester Gary and Heather Chester

For the last few years we have used Gina exclusively when it comes to caring for our pug, Buster he considers her family and so do we!

Randi Randi

Gina DeJulio provides professional, amazing and caring dog walking and services for people’s four legged family members. Gina is trustworthy, conscientious and all four legged pups love her. In addition to her dog walking/care services, Gina is an advocate for lost and rescued pets. Gina works closely with area rescue groups and shelters to match lost pets to their owners and help unwanted pets find loving homes.

Susie Q Susie Q

Gina is a powerful motivator. I have seen over many years her move mountains to help those in need with their pets. Her decision to start this non-profit foundation does not surprise me, as a pet lover she tries to help in any way she can.
P.S. She is a Pug fanatic! 😊

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